Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pokédex of EVIL: Mr. Mime

The Pokédex of EVIL is a breakdown of various Pokémon, explaining why each and every one of them is a TOOL of SATAN!

Today's entry: Mr. Mime (and Mime Jr.)

Well, SATAN-INTENDO has really done it this time! I stopped updating this blog years ago, thinking I had made my case, but it turns out I was overlooking something far more SINISTER going on. Pokémon is making an attempt (and succeeding!) at brainwashing America's children with the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, and this SATANIC MIME is PROOF!

Don't understand? I'll explain.

Mr. Mime is a Pokémon who has been around since the SATANIC BRAINWASHING CULT known as Pokémon began. His human appearance indicates that he is intended to be a role model for children. Children can identify with Mr. Mime, and that's exactly what OBUMMER WANTS THEM TO DO!

Up until this point, Mr. Mime has appeared somewhat benign. He has horns, but he didn't have any other readily apparent faults. Perhaps he was included as a red herring? A Pokémon who existed to throw us TRUTH-SEEKERS off the scent? No, it is far worse than that. Mr. Mime was a SLEEPER AGENT for the HEDONISTIC LIFESTYLE of the HOMOSEXUALS, and he's teaching YOUR CHILDREN to do the same!

It recently came to my attention that, despite numerous protests and letters which I sent to Nintendo IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, they refuse to cease their sinful actions and stop all production of Pokémon games. In these new games, Pokémon X and Y, a new Pokémon “element” was added. Fairy-type. Start to understand the bigger picture now? The SOCIALISTS working for Nintendo have begun calling homosexuals an element, a FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK of the world, like fire, water and ghosts are!

At this point, it was also revealed that Mr. Mime himself was a Fairy-type (code for HOMOSEXUAL) also. He is teaching children to not only ACCEPT homosexuals, but also to MIMIC them, as one of Mr. Mime's abilities allows him to mimic others around him. And what's more, in order for a Mime Jr. to achieve the more powerful form of Mr. Mime, he must LEARN THE MOVE CALLED MIMIC! He learns how to become gay by copying the WAYS OF THE WORLD instead of the PATH OF GOD! Mark my words, it will not be long before America's children all become homosexuals. I just hope they find a priest before they find a roving band of HOMOSEXUAL THUGS.

Mr. Mime learns a move called CONFUSION, in which he tries to turn others away from GOD and force them to have HOMOSEXUAL THOUGHTS. He also learns moves like TRICK and ROLE PLAY. I think you can guess what those moves are intended to teach children who have been BRAINWASHED into the POKÉMON CULT.

Even worse is another Pokémon who was recently revealed to be a Fairy-type is Gardevoir. This Pokémon has a feminine hairstyle and wears a dress, even if it is male! This type of perversion and trickery is of SATAN HIMSELF. I can't tell you how many times I have found an image of a Gardevoir with a penis while doing research for this article. It is DISGUSTING!

Stay away from Pokémon, ESPECIALLY FAIRY-TYPES, if you value your eternal soul!

God bless you all!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pokédex of EVIL: Poliwag

The Pokédex of EVIL is a breakdown of various Pokémon, explaining why each and every one of them is a TOOL of SATAN!

Today's Entry: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath and Politoed

These Pokémon are perhaps some of the biggest pieces of PROOF that Pokémon is trying to (and succeeding at!) brainwashing the youth of America! Each of them is PROOF of the ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL that NINTENDO has snuck into the games!

I'd say I'm surprised they put them in there so blatantly, but they know everyone is so brainwashed that the few of us who notice will be thrown aside as nuts. Well, they'll be singing a different tune when the TRUTH comes out!

Poliwag is designed to be cute. It draws young children in with its big eyes, representing an innocence that resonates on their level. But there is a sinister aspect to this Pokemon and its "evolutions." (I've already discussed my distrust of the series for its stance on evolution.) Each of them has a spiral motif with a disturbing underlying meaning.

The spiral represents HYPNOTISM, which is crucial for creating a successful PUPPET of the ILLUMINATI. Not convinced? Poliwag and its "evolutions" all know the move HYPNOSIS and according to several Pokédex entries, looking at Poliwhirl's swirl causes DROWSINESS! With this knowledge in mind, what do you think of the fact that Poliwhirl is Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri's favorite Pokémon? He knows of the SATANIC POWER the ILLUMINATI has granted him, and he loves it.

Now let's turn to Poliwrath. This "evolution" is able to learn the move SUBMISSION. This is a clear reference to ISLAM, which as you already know, is a SATANIC MOON CULT, dedicated to wiping Christianity off the face of the Earth! In Japan, they are a bit more honest about the move, calling it HELL WHEEL.

But as disturbing as this is, it is not the only thing wrong. Take a look at Poliwrath's Pokédex entry from Fire Red:

"An adept swimmer, it knows the front crawl, butterfly, and more. It is faster than the best human swimmers."

The BUTTERFLY is a direct refernce to the MONARCH PROJECT, a secret ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL project, started after the CIA's secret PROJECT MKULTRA was shut down. You can read more about it on other websites that seek the TRUTH. You may be able to brush one or more of these aside as coincidence, but together the TRUTH is undeniable: Pokémon is brainwashing America's youth, and they're rubbing the proof right in our faces.

But we're still not done. There's still one more: Politoed. Politoed is an alternate "evolution" from Poliwhirl, on the same level as Poliwrath. Politoed, however, has the status of a king! (MONARCH, anyone?) It is able to let out an echoing cry and Poliwag and Poliwhirl will come from far and wide to do its bidding. This represents DELTA-level MIND CONTROL, in which Poliwag (who represent innocent CHILDREN) who have become ILLUMINATI PUPPETS, are programmed to KILL!

And look at this:
Poliwag's Pokédex # = 60
Poliwhirl's Pokédex # = 61
Poliwrath's Pokédex # = 62

Remove the second digit of each and the evolutionary line gives you 666!

But there's more:
Politoed's Pokédex # = 186

1 + 8 + 6 = 15
1 + 5 = 6

So even with Politoed as the final evolution, it still gives you 666!

Stay away from Pokémon if you value your eternal soul!

God bless you all!

Pokédex of EVIL: Kadabra

I've been doing some independent research as well, for a series I call "The Pokédex of EVIL!"

Today's Entry: KADABRA
Kadabra Sinister
Kadabra is a Psychic(OCCULT!)-type Pokémon who live in urban areas near humans. This makes sense, because according to Pokémon Emerald and Fire Red's Pokédex entries, a boy who was involved with the OCCULT woke up to find out that he had become one of these sinister demons! From that moment on, these crafty Pokémon have dedicated themselves to making clocks run backwards and giving people headaches with their demonic powers.
Kadabra Powers

But more disturbing is the striking resemblance he has to the evil FREEMASON “god” the the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR worshipped: BAPHOMET. In addition the already having an occult name, his head fits into an upside-down star. He has goatlike features. He has an upright star in the middle of his forehead and three squiggles on his stomach! Furthermore, he has two fingers and a thumb on each hand. Sound familiar? BAPHOMET is always seen with his index and middle fingers together, and his ring and pinky fingers together as well. Kadabra’s hands resemble what BAPHOMET’S would look like if his fingers were fused that way.
Kadabra ComparisonBaphomet Comparison

See the resemblance?

Monday, April 5, 2010

The TRUTH About Pokémon!!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t typically get into this kind of stuff, so I am providing a bit of back-story, explaining how I came to know so much about Pokémon in the first place. I now have all the information I need, and I made sure to destroy my game and console once I was done.
As I’m sure you all already know, Pokémon is a demonic “game” Satanists created to corrupt our youth and pull them away from the glory of God. AND IT’S WORKING! When good Christians, such as myself, began protesting the evil influence of Pokémon back in the 1990s, we were mocked and ridiculed! But now the decay of society has become evident. President OSAMA, the world’s so-called messiah, wants me to GIVE to the POOR! I’m sorry, but charity has no place in MY Bible.

But getting back on track—I can trace this society’s decay directly to the Satanic power that Pokémon has had over the youth of America.

You see, a few weeks ago, a (former!) friend of mine handed me a Nintendo DS, and told me to play the game inside. I could keep it, he said. I should play the game inside, and then judge it on its own value. I threw it in my closet and prayed for him, but I soon came to a revelation. If I play the game, and it is everything I have been told it is, it will only strengthen my resolve, and if my fellow Believers had been misinformed, then I would know for the better, and I would be able to dedicate more of my time protesting the baby-killing Antichrist that America has allowed to slither his way into the Oval Office!

I knew that Nintendo started off making card games, which are derived from the evil occult practice of TAROT. I knew that video games were allowing SATAN into the minds of children, so they would go shoot their classmates at school. But with the power of GOD on my side, I knew I could resist SATAN’S EVIL TEMPTATIONS.

I turned the game on. It was Pokémon Soul Silver. There was a big white (or silver?) birdlike creature swimming across the screen. The same figure is stylized into the logo. At this point I KNEW that Pokémon was connected with the occult.

The ancient Egyptians believed the soul was called BA, and it took the form of a BIRD with a HUMAN face! This game shows a BIRD with strikingly HUMAN features curled up to represent a SOUL! If you can’t see the connection with the occult already, Satan must have control over your mind.

But I shook my head. Surely my (former!) friend couldn’t have missed this. It must be a coincidence. Of course, I know now that it wasn’t, but at the time, I allowed myself to press onward.

I already knew that the game allowed you to control demons called Pokémon. I mean, replace the “pok” with a “d,” and you have “démon” right there! Did they think we would not notice? Well, we did, but you all just ignored it, and now America is walking strait down the path to HELL! And I already knew that Pokémon resisted the glory of God by spreading the LIE of EVOLUTION, but my (former!) friend assured me that I was overreacting, so I begrudgingly pushed on.

After a while, I had “caught” a bunch of these Pokémon, and had actually begun to feel a perverse sense of sinful enjoyment from the game. One of my “catches” included a Pokémon called “Magikarp.” Wait a minute! MAGIK? I knew Pokémon was evil, but I didn’t realize just how blatant they were about it!

Believing this Pokémon with the evil name to be a creature of great power within the game, I opted to begin “training” this Magikarp. It only had one attack: Splash. It does some sort of arcane dance ritual, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the battle. So the purpose of this move is purely to show our youth how to summon demons. Disgusting. I switched Magikarp out for my Pidgey and defeated the enemy. But then something strange happened. Magikarp and Pidgey SPLIT THE EXPERIENCE!


Magikarp didn’t EARN his experience! He sat and danced around while Pidgey did all the work! I was infuriated. Magikarp was leeching experience off of Pidgey’s efforts. By that logic, I should be paid for simply walking into an office building and loitering around for a bit! No wonder today’s youth expects everyone else to do work for them! I released that resource-sapping waste of a Pokémon right away! No matter how much I gave it, I know it would never make anything of itself.

But even worse are the Pokémon Centers! It’s free to heal all of your Pokémon—as many times as you want! (Well, it’s free for YOU, anyway, because your character is a jobless vagrant who participates in cockfighting tournaments.) They have Socialized Health Care! Right now, all the kids who played Pokémon when it first came out are of legal voting age. Is that a coincidence? I think not! This “game” has warped their minds, and they voted America down the path of SATANISM!

And now they’ve introduced a Pokémon GOD—a mockery of the ONE TRUE GOD of the BIBLE!It is known as Arceus, and it doesn’t look like an old white man like MY Bible says, but instead it looks like a freakish beast, somewhat resembling a GOAT. I don’t need to tell you that the goat is the symbol of SATAN. Gee, that sure seems to show up a lot in Pokémon, doesn’t it? Be on the lookout, fellow Christians. You may think it’s just a game for now, but it’s only a matter of time before Godless COMMUNISTS who were raised on these games TWISTED MORALS take America over completely, and force us to worship their new EVIL OCCULT GOD, ARCEUS! Don’t let them suck you in!

God bless you all!